April Masters Message

Greetings from South Dakota!

My wife and I made it to that place with the faces in the hills, safe and sound. It was a long and (at times) difficult journey, but the country truly is beautiful. Even more beautiful, the gas prices go down the further east you go!

At the moment we are getting settled and figuring everything out. Hopefully we will have a lot of our situation figured out by next weekend when we are able to move into our rental place. I am regretful that my departure was so sudden, but I have faith in the brethren of our lodge. I know that Bro. Roy Gawlick has already taken the reins of one of our meetings and from what I understand, it went quite well.

I will try to continue providing support as our lodge moves forward. I plan to remain as involved a member of the lodge as possible, even despite the distance. In the future I hope to be able to see each of you again. I am relieved that we got some of our major work taken care of in regards to our by-laws and I hope with the summer weather on the way, the Lodge will be able to enjoy social get-togethers and be involved in community events like the July 4th parade.

It has been difficult coming to term with the changes and having to make the departure from not only our Lodge, but from the extended family we have come to know and rely upon in the area. The Masonic family has become very important to me and my wife. We want to bring our tribe with us – from Longview to Ilwaco, to Chehalis and beyond, and even into the far-flung savage reaches of Oregon. The brotherly love and fellowship has so often been taken for granted, but is so very, very important. I hope that I can find a lodge here that has that same strong and embracing culture.

It has been a pleasure getting to spend my time around such wonderful and inspirational brothers, and I hope to continue to hear from you all soon and frequently.


Craig Smith

Worshipful Master, Longview #263

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