June Masters Message

Greetings Brethren,

I hope this message finds you well. I know there have been significant changes over the past months, including the annual Grand Lodge communication.

I wanted to begin by informing those who were not aware of the passing of our WB Gary McKennett. It is a painful thing to hear – I know that WB Gary was involved in a lot of the Lodge work over the years. He was involved in my degrees, and I know the degrees of many others. I know that his loss will be felt among a great many. I ask the brethren to keep WB Gary’s wife, Gail, in their thoughts. Those who are able to assist and support her will have my gratitude.

The past weeks have been a blur for us in Rapid City. Getting acclimated in South Dakota has been complicated, aggravated by obstacles and sickness. It is not at all the place we have been familiar with over the past decade or more – the winds and lightning storms have been a common phenomenon in the distance. We have missed our Masonic family greatly in these months.

With the promise of warmer weather on the way, I ask that everyone takes care and enjoys themselves. Perhaps a few of you will venture out to the coast and enjoy the seaside in my absence. I know there have been plans to host social events and gatherings during the Summer and encourage everyone to attend and involve the families as much as possible.

Please continue to support and encourage one another as a family.

Fraternally, Craig Smith

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